Tiger Consulting and Software Dev't Inc. (TCSDI) specializes in creating world class technology and applications outsourcing for Utility companies, enterprises, and online business customers. TCSDI uses innovative engagement models, balancing a sophisticated understanding of business with a keen eye to detail, to custom-design our services and meet the client's offshore development needs.

TCSDI has already established strong business partnership with the following companies:

  • 3M Philippines (Philippines)
  • Aboitiz Power Corporation(Philippines)
  • Accent Micro Technologies Incorporated(Philippines)
  • Astra Graphia Information Technology (Indonesia)
  • Cotobato Light & Power Co. (Philippines)
  • Davao Light & Power Co. (Philippines)
  • IBM Philippines (Philippines)
  • Indra Sistemas S.A (Spain and Philippines)
  • Intergraph (US and Australia)
  • Manila International Airport Authority (Philippines)
  • MSI-ECS (Philippines)
  • PT AETRA Air Jakarta (Indonesia)
  • PT PAM Lyonnaise Jaya (Indonesia)
  • Rockwell Land Corporation (Philippines)
  • Subic Enerzone (Philippines)
  • Ticketworld Inc. (Philippines)
  • Visayas Electric Company (Philippines)


Offering solutions addressing business priorities, and catering to businesses with diversified financial services.


Building secure, enterprise infrastructures and solutions to help modernize operations and enhance services.


Helping manufacturers innovate by focusing on reducing waste, improving lead time and upgrading quality.


Providing utilities solutions ranging from Oracle CC&B, DMS to MDS.

Applications Development

Helping you meet your business objective through a custom designed application.


Minimizing your implementation and operational risks by defining the right questions and digging deep into the numbers as the basis for creating solutions.

Operations Support

Offering access to extensive skills and expertise in implementing and running applications whether onsite or offsite.


Providing a complete IT management and support solution for you.

Customer Care & Billing

Letting you respond positively and productively to customers, no matter what changes you face.

Distribution Management System

Providing you with an integrated suite of real-time management applications, helping accelerate network restoration while improving operational efficiencies and system reliability.

Mobile Data System

Allowing you instant communication with your office, in addition to incident and vehicle status inquiries, dispatcher queues.

Our Skills

The skills domain of TCSDI's IT Professionals includes a wide array of technologies.

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