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Tiger Consulting and Software Devt Inc. (TCSDI) provides a wide array of Finance solutions.

Automated Bank Reconciliation
TCSDI consultants have experience in providing automated bank reconciliation. Our consulting services can provide functional studies and provide immediate recommendation for automated bank reconciliation. We will build, deliver and test solutions. We also provide a full support service model. Let our financial consultants help you achieve the results your company expects at a price you can afford.

Data Warehousing
Financial transactions of companies can reach millions in volumes. One solution we can provide is Data Warehousing. TCSDI' solutions provides easy access and maintenance of data warehousing solutions. We provide custom applications that have standard feature of ETL (extract, transform, load) technology. This provides clients with immediate use of Business Intelligence interfaces for data reporting.

Web-based Application
With rapid advancement of technology, financial institutions have taken advantage of web technology to provide e-banking solutions. TCSDI provides different web-based applications suite such as portals development and online banking. Our technical expertise in java development can provide custom-made applications that cater to your needs.

Tiger Consulting and Software Devt Inc. (TCSDI) has accumulated experience in integrating Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) and Departure Control Systems (DCS) in airports. TCSDI also delivers its own robust Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE) solution for small and medium sized regional airports.

TCSDI' products the following product features to help clients reach their goals:
  • Reduce airlines and airports costs and improve efficiency during the check in process
  • Collects and processes flight information for effective Business Intelligence
  • Simplified integration to other systems such as Public Announcement (PA) systems
  • Offers an affordable alternative to expensive CUTE networks
  • Secure, scalable platform that grows with your airport

The current economic revolution has put the manufacturing business in a lot of pressure. Manufacturing's major challenge is to balance the growing competition from low-wage companies, the meteoric rising of e-commerce and evolving supply chain practices. Manufacturers must innovate while they focus on reducing waste, improving lead time, and upgrading quality.

Tiger Consulting and Software Devt Inc. (TCSDI) provides the following services to help manufacturing clients reach their goals:

  • Process automation to improve efficiency
  • Data collection solution to provide top management correct information on a real time basis for them to come up with the correct business decision
  • Provide solution to make it easier to share information
  • Develop Customized application by optimizing processes and eliminating redundant practices to meet the specific needs of the client
  • Merge legacy applications

Tiger Consulting and Software Devt Inc. (TCSDI) provides a wide array of Utilities solutions.

Customer Care and Billing

Customer Care & Billing (CC&B) lets you respond positively and productively to customers, no matter what changes you face. And the proof lies in what experienced CC&B clients say about the value of the product.

Distribution Management System
Designed from the group up to deliver a comprehensive integrated suite of real-time management applications, the system helps accelerate network restoration while it also improves operational efficiencies and system reliability.

Mobile Data System
MDS allows you instant communication with your office, in addition to incident status inquiries, messaging, up to nine windows for viewing multiple data sheets, and a remote workstation. With all these capabilities, our mobile data systems package can add efficiency and accuracy to every facet of your work.

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