Providing the public with quick easy to access flight information is a prerequisite in today’s age of information. Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) are at the considered by many to be heart and soul of every airport. It provides vital information to passengers, visitors as well as airport operators. It is one of the first points of contact a passenger will have, thereby requiring information to be presented in a clear and logical yet, eye-pleasing manner.

ZEUS Zeus™ Flight Information Display System (FIDS) is a complete, real-time airport information display system. The system supports Check-in, Gate, Baggage, Departure and Arrival Summary Board Information Displays along with text banners advertising. The system is designed to be scalable and future-proof solution with a focus on reduction of cost of ownership, support and maintenance while providing an exceptional and personal level of customer service.

  • Modular design so you choose which features to include, with the ability to add additional modules in the future if needed
  • Provides airline and airport staff with accurate and real time operational information
  • Ability to integrate with legacy hardware and software systems you may already have including Departure Control System (CUTE), Public Address System (PA), Advance Visual Docking Guidance System, Building Management System and more.
  • Optimizes passenger flow through the airport and allows simplified visual paging
  • Data can also be manually entered into the flight information display system or imported from external sources such as public transport, hotel, or weather information giving you the flexibility to promote other information

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